PEGLEG NYC Spring 2010 Collection

PEGLEG NYC released their Spring 2010 collection today. The brand has been staying busy in the new year with their own collection, a collaborative effort with Casio G-Shock, and a signature line exclusively for Opening Ceremony stores worldwide.

Their Spring collection is smaller than previous years, a sign that the struggling economy is certainly affecting the fashion world. However, while small, the season is filled with well-made, thoughtful items that are sure to brighten your wardrobe just in time for the warmer months.

Inspired heavily by Americana, which we have seen in season’s past from PEGLEG, the collection also draws from British culture as seen in the Union Jack tee ($52.00), which prominently displays the British flag. A sleeveless hoodie and two crewnecks are other winners. Back again for Spring 2010 is the Reverse Denim pant ($120.00, shown below), which has become a best seller over the years. PEGLEG has always been a brand to keep an eye on, and with very little marketing, they still find a way to remain current and relevant.

We’re liking this collection, which is available now on PEGLEG NYC’s online store. Check out more images from the Spring 2010 collection after the jump.

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